What Employees are Saying

Every year, we perform a survey to find out what our employees like about life at Dev Technology and what can be improved. Employees share why they love working at Dev Technology, and what makes our company a Top Workplace to them.

Annemari Tarsitano, Business Analyst

If life is in the details, then life is good at Dev Technology. Management cares about people and is tuned in to the big and little picture—the large and small opportunities and amenities, from career growth to a Fun Patrol to giving back to the community—that make you want to come to work every day. The Dev Technology Group culture encourages meaningful work within a positive work environment where diversity, recognition, and opportunities for growth and giving back are embraced. It is made clear from your date of hire that every person is valued and has a purpose that ties into the company’s purpose.

Wanda Pease, Manager, Quality & Operational Excellence

Dev Technology Group is a Top Workplace because of the people! I’ve never worked with such a collaborative, supportive, fun-loving, and intelligent group of colleagues. They truly make it fun and rewarding to come to work every day!

Adam D’Angelo, Director of Technology

Dev Technology is a Top Workplace because it’s fun coming to work every day to solve challenging problems with colleagues who you respect and consider friends.

Rebecca Blevins, Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Dev Technology is a Top Workplace because with every hire and every action, management ensures that maintaining the Dev culture (which is collaborative, supportive and fun) is a top priority. Dev knows how to keep its employees happy and when the employees are happy, the customer is happy!

Love Your Job

Our employees have rated us as a Top Workplace for the past four years in a row. We value our team members and continually strive to meet their needs for mutual benefit.