People First

We live our core values every day. We’re not content to simply state what our culture is and hope it falls in line. At Dev Technology, we know that the strength of a team comes from within, and living up to our responsibilities to each other drives successful results.

We strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, fellow team members, and end users with a commitment to creating optimal IT solutions.

Our Values


Trusted to always do the right thing


Treat individuals with respect and compassion


Working together we accomplish more and make better decisions


Tackling every challenge with passion, an open mind, and a willingness to learn from every success and failure


Showing determination, agility, and commitment in every situation


Feeling connected to each other, our clients' mission, and the communities where we live

Our Leadership Philosophy

A Dev Technology Leader inspires people through vision and direction. They have an others-first mindset and espouse our core values. A Dev Technology leader is always self-aware, accountable, committed and known for their conviction, consistency, and sincerity.

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