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Dev Technology provides a variety of IT solutions to government agencies, including Full Stack Agile Development and DevSecOps, Cloud Native Solutions, AI/ML, Biometric and Identity Solutions, IT & Legacy Modernization, Data Management and Analytics, and more. We take pride in the work we do and the results our solutions provide for the customer and for Americans positively impacted by our technological expertise.

Mission Driven

We put the mission first and apply our first-hand experience and understanding to bring value to our clients.


Agile development is engrained in our culture to bring our clients features faster and to make changes as we go.


We strive to create a culture to improve the organizations ability to deliver high-quality systems by leveraging DevOps principles to shorten the feedback loop and to drive continuous improvement.

User-Centric Design

We focus on understanding what the business needs and how the users want to work. This drives our design and development process to ensure that we maximize the business value for our users.


Protecting sensitive data in mission-critical systems requires security principles to be applied early. We use secure coding principles and automated security scans to minimize our customers’ exposure to security vulnerabilities.

Our team has a deep-level dedication to each project because we value their input and the results they create for all.

Agencies are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives to take advantage of new and emerging technologies that move their mission forward. Additionally, they have an ecosystem of existing applications that require continued development and enhancement along with maintenance. The speed of mission continues to increase, and people need their applications and IT infrastructure to move with them. Government applications must be flexible and adaptable, with the ability to implement changes quickly and efficiently.

Full Stack Agile Development & DevSecOps are critical to increasing IT capabilities for government agencies and are at the heart of what we do. We have honed and evolved our Agile development approach over time, tailoring it to each agency environment with an emphasis on early end user engagement, transparency, and rapid delivery. As we iterate and deliver changes, we shorten the feedback loop so that stakeholders see changes quickly, increasing end user satisfaction dramatically. Our development teams have implemented solutions in weeks instead of months, setting record times to meet critical presidential mandates with a focus on built-in security, automated testing, end user feedback, and rapid deployment of new capabilities. Our DevSecOps approach unifies and automates development and operations to increase our ability to deliver according to proven best practices, with a focus that is mission-forward and prioritizes end users. Our team members are implementing and managing deployment pipelines on a variety of platforms, and they are consistently sharing and training this critical skill with other team members.

We recently successfully tailored our mature Agile practices to prioritize high-priority requests for a large law enforcement agency, as they were given a specific directive from the White House that required special attention and rapid turnaround times. This built-in agility from user engagement to code deployment allowed us to receive and iterate on quick feedback cycles to pivot and prioritize urgent requests while deferring lower-value tasks to future sprints.

Post-cloud migration, many federal agencies are now facing increased complexity with new cloud architectures, along with higher hosting costs from their cloud service provider. To address these issues and take advantage of emerging technologies, Dev Technology has developed a proven framework to quickly implement cloud-native solutions focused on delivering mission impact. Tailored to the specific agency environment, we’ve successfully implemented this framework at both DoD and civilian agencies with impressive results.

Dev Technology created this delivery approach from our experiences developing critical applications for law enforcement and defense agencies. We focus on understanding end user needs at the deepest level, defining the metrics that matter, and quickly implementing a solution which delivers real, measurable results at the speed of mission. Our Agile and DevSecOps practices provide the structure to move quickly and securely from concept to production, and then, in fast iterations, immediately incorporate user feedback. Our approach is backed by a proven framework with our accelerator kit for a cloud serverless environment. Our Kit provides a fully functioning application that jump-starts creating workflow-centric applications. We supply a variety of configurable micro-apps out of the box, such as Worklist and Authentication, and the framework supports the plug-and-play of custom micro-apps. Most importantly, we develop our solutions using well-known tools and cloud native technologies combined with well-defined design patterns so that they are easy to maintain.

For our federal law enforcement customer, our team delivered a solution within 5 weeks using a serverless architecture that included React, Node.js, AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, AWS S3, and AWS DMS. This effort began with our developers meeting in person with end users to best understand their challenges. We focused on identifying what information they needed, and when, to make informed decisions quickly. This laser-targeted approach, combined with our framework and toolkit, provided a direct impact to the end users by reducing their business process from 10 hours to less than 1 hour. Additionally, this same team developed another solution in two weeks that reduced processing time from 15 minutes per subject to milliseconds with 100% accuracy.

Aging IT infrastructure and systems require significant resources to maintain. Migrating away from legacy technologies and on-premises environments enables agencies to spend their resources on mission-critical capabilities and realize cost savings. 

We help agencies modernize their technology environments so their resources can prioritize mission-critical business needs. We enable the agencies we work with to maximize their IT investments by evaluating current and future needs before making technology decisions. These evaluations allow us to make technology recommendations that best support an agency’s mission. We utilize a framework that simultaneously uses a top-down and bottom-up discovery approach to evaluate whether an agency should consider cloud migration. We work with our agency partners to evaluate each component of an agency’s existing solution, as well as any drivers or constraints surrounding cost, schedule, and DevOps maturity, before devising a migration strategy.

Dev Technology has successfully implemented this approach for multiple federal agencies, resulting in cloud migrations that have realized significant cost savings – upwards of 80% runtime costs (*based on industry data).

Data is an agency’s most powerful asset. Modern solutions can transform data into strategic resources that can be used to enhance business operations, inform decision-making, improve process efficiency, and deliver best-in-class services.

A deep understanding of the data underlies Dev’s approach to data management from data definition and architecture to data transformation and secure data use and access across applications. Following this approach, we ensure data is into actionable resources that deliver value across all asset classes. We deliver optimized performance through the implementation of structured and unstructured data solutions, event-based streaming cloud environments, and custom-built data environments. Building for the foundation of data, we implement and leverage analytic tools to ensure that agencies can better utilize valuable data. We leverage reputable data product partners – including AWS, Microsoft, Databricks, and Snowflake – to make data accessible and secure. Tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik are used to help agencies tell powerful stories about mission success using traditional approaches, modern design, and blended data science.

Dev Technology has over two decades of experience helping agencies effectively utilize and secure transactional, biometric, and document data. Adherence to modern data practices ensures that we can bring data together in meaningful ways to enhance mission effectiveness and delivery. Our work has improved the strategic value of data across multi-trillion-transactional databases to large biometric data galleries.

Rapidly changing economic and security needs require agencies to grow and adapt in lockstep to ensure continued business operations. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies introduce scalable process efficiencies so that agencies can effectively manage diverse, rapidly changing data.  

We deliver the ability to quickly respond to rapidly changing data landscapes through strategic implementation of AI/ML technologies. Our team performs work in predictive modeling, entity resolution, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, MLOps, and data readiness to help agencies achieve measurable outcomes including automating business operations, optimizing services, and increasing revenue. Further, Dev Technology carefully analyzes existing processes to ensure AI/ML projects improve current business operations and can be replicated and scaled as needed. Our Eyes Wide Open approach to data readiness prior to starting an AI/ML project allows us to successfully improve process efficiency and ROI while avoiding costly, late-stage pitfalls that occur when pre-project planning isn’t prioritized.

 Our predictive models identify likely regulatory violations amidst billions of transactions, allowing regulators to pinpoint significant patterns within a sea of data. We have increased agencies’ revenue potential by several million dollars per year, identified tens of millions of dollars in violative transactions, and enabled informed compliance and regulatory actions that were not possible prior to our AI/ML models’ implementation.

Custom applications used to be cost-prohibitive to invest in, but Low-Code/No-Code solutions have revolutionized the way software is developed, allowing agencies to create custom applications that best meet agency needs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development.

Dev Technology’s Low-Code/No-Code consulting services help agencies leverage these capabilities to improve operational efficiency by creating tailored applications that suit an agency’s specific business needs. Our Low-Code/No-Code Center of Excellence (CoE) offers leadership, resources, guidance, governance, and expertise to enable digital transformation initiatives. Our Low-Code/No-Code CoE is designed to enable organizations to improve their agility and responsiveness while reducing the time, effort, and cost associated with custom software development.

Dev Technology has been supporting a key law enforcement agency to improve process efficiencies through automation, which has led to over $1M a year savings in operating costs.

Investment in biometric and identity management is becoming increasingly important to protect agencies from fraud and security breaches, as well as improve day-to-day operations. Modern biometric management systems improve accuracy and accountability, reduce administrative costs, and can be seamlessly integrated with workforce management solutions.  Government agencies use biometrics in many activities to establish identity from law enforcement to border management, national defense, healthcare, human resources, and more. The management of biometrics information needs to respect privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties for the collection, use, retention, and sharing of biometric information.

Dev Technology offers specialized biometrics capture and integration capabilities based on our real-world experience working with domestic and international agents, field users, and other personnel for government agencies. We adhere to NIST standards, FBI biometric specifications, and DHS OBIM specifications, which uniquely positions us to deliver enterprise biometrics solutions that comply with the strictest policy standards. We prioritize person-centric, multi-modal biometric solutions to ensure identity management solutions are effective, accurate, and expeditious. Our vendor-agnostic approach offers maximum flexibility so agencies can choose technology that best meets their needs, with the ability to change technology as needs change without the time and costs associated with rebuilding an entire solution.

Our Biometric SMEs have led the way in implementing disruptive and leading-edge biometric solutions over the past several decades. We designed, developed, implemented, and sustained an application that facilitated the capture of biometric information and manages the integration with multiple homeland security, law enforcement, and DoD systems. This web-based application included a mobile solution for law enforcement end users in the field. Additionally, we developed a kiosk-based solution to comply with a Congressional Mandate to automate the check-in process for low-risk non-citizens on the non-detained docket. This solution enables law enforcement personnel to focus on other higher-risk cases and other enforcement tasks. Individuals are now able to check in faster at locations for their scheduled appointments and without the previously set need for law enforcement officer assistance throughout the entire process. Our solution uses a 10-print check to confirm an individual’s identity. This system performs data calls to other federal law enforcement systems to pull the most up-to-date information regarding the non-citizen as part of the check-in process.


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