Vision First

A Dev Technology Leader inspires people through vision and direction. They bring a people-first mindset and espouse our core values. A Dev Technology leader is always self-aware, accountable, and committed to our client’s mission and our employees.

At Dev Technology, we pride ourselves on being not only a great place to work but also a place where everyone is welcomed and included. Through our diverse set of voices, each bringing a unique perspective, we derive strength and vision. We’re empowered to learn, grow, and thrive. Our achievements are driven by the insights individual contributors bring to our team dynamic.

Susie Sylvester Duggal

Executive Chair and Co-founder

Sanjeev Duggal

Principal and Co-founder

Kendall Holbrook

Chief Executive Officer

John Mutarelli

President and Chief Financial Officer


Ryan Madden

Chief Operating Officer

John Janek

Chief Technologist

Emma Antonios

Vice President, Human Resources

Lyndsey Hoe

Vice President of Business Development

Christi Porter

Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

Michelle Scheuerman

Vice President, Strategic Programs

Antonio Trindade

Vice President

Becky Crane

Senior Director

Alex Groves


It’s fun coming to work every day to solve challenging problems with colleagues who you respect and consider friends.

Paige Jill
Business Development Director

Paige Jill

Business Development Director, Civil IT


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