When the stakes are highest, Dev Technology delivers

From immigration and customs management functions to defense systems operations, there are hundreds of applications where ‘good’ simply isn’t good enough. These government agencies require a higher level of support and expertise from their IT partners: insight and attention to detail that they can literally stake their lives on–as well as the safety and well-being of the American public. 

Multi-Modal Biometrics

Dev Technology offers specialized biometrics capture and integration capabilities based on our real-world experience working with agents, field users, and other personnel for government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security. Our expanding capabilities include multi-modal capture integrated with a variety of manufacturer’s devices. Business Challenges: Agencies face various challenges when implementing biometric technology including: Integration …

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Application Development and Modernization

Using our deep understanding of our clients’ mission, Dev Technology develops advanced applications using web-based platforms to deliver mission-specific systems using an agile, results driven approach. Business Challenges: Agencies rely on mission-critical applications to automate and streamline business processes; collect, share, and store information; find patterns and anomalies previously unidentified; and meet policy and compliance …

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Infrastructure Management

Enabling best practices for IT service management functions using ITIL-based products while leveraging our expertise implementing these solutions in complex IT environments.   Business Challenges:  Agencies rely on complex infrastructures to complete their mission. To ensure awareness of their status and overall health along with fast notification and resolution and both issues as well as …

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Data and Database Consulting

With the right data and the ability to get to it at the right time, users have the information they need to meet their mission and business objectives. Dev Technology was founded with this truth in mind; our team possesses deep data and database consulting expertise ranging from data modeling and database development to database …

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