Dev Technology Redefines Community Engagement Through DevGivesBack

December 05, 2023
Elizabeth Lewan

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Community is one of six core values for Elev8 GovCon Honoree Dev Technology Group, headquartered in Reston, VA. To provide an opportunity for every employee to support their community, the company created and launched the DevGivesBack program at the beginning of 2022. Leading the DevGivesBack program is Vice President, Michelle Scheuerman. Here she shares the importance of Dev’s community giving and associated programs.

What is DevGivesBack and how did it start?

Our DevGivesBack program encompasses donating a combination of time, supplies, and financial support to various organizations whose mission supports our core values. This program provides opportunities for our employees to use up to 8 volunteer hours each year supporting either a Dev Technology sponsored event or a charitable event of their choice. This flexibility encourages all employees, including those who do not live in the local area, to volunteer with an organization that provides meaningful support to the community.

What other DevGivesBack initiatives does Dev Technology participate in?

For a second year, we hosted the Dev Technology Week of Service. For seven days, we organize and sponsor multiple opportunities to provide hands on support to local charities. All members of Dev Technology are encouraged to participate in a local event and remote team members are encouraged to participate in an event in their local area and post pictures on the company’s Community Teams channel.

This year we supported the Honor Flight Network welcoming veterans to Washington, D.C.; volunteered at Food for Others helping sort through food in preparation for putting together Thanksgiving baskets; supported the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund by participating in Grave Rubbings for Veterans; volunteered with N Street Village helping sort and organize clothing from a recent donation drive; visited Homestretch to throw a Fall Festival party for the preschoolers, and more!

Our remote team members in Arizona also participated in For Our City Day helping to clean up, paint, landscape and support residents in areas that are in decline.

With 75 employees participating in ten events, supporting nine local organizations and donating over 300 hours of community service, our team made a huge impact on our local community. One team member, who volunteered at several events during the week said, “Helping local organizations with the mission of caring for families in need is the best time and effort spent these past couple of weeks and I thank Dev Technology for providing these opportunities.”

During Week of Service, there is a large turnout of staff from across teams and departments who come together to volunteer and support their communities. It’s also a way for staff to connect with each other, and create lasting impact for those they serve during the events. Monica Evans, IDIQ Operations Manager, has been participating in DevGivesBack initiatives and Week of Service events. We asked Monica to share more about why Week of Service and Dev’s community volunteer events are so impactful.

What does the Week of Service event mean to you?

“I think it can sometimes be challenging to find free time so the fact my company is providing the time and space for community service brings me gratitude and joy. The service events hosted during Week of Service feel impactful and important. There are many options to get involved in during the week that makes participation and even reflection a sort of automatic reaction for me.”

What does Dev Technology get right about their community engagement?

“Dev knows the importance of their employees and the communities in which they live. Our core values are baked into every initiative we put out, including and especially community. We are never too heads down to organize a drive, lend a helping hand, or simply raise awareness for a cause because we know how much our communities matter and how much getting involved helps.”

When asked about future DevGivesBack initiatives and events, Michelle said, “Our team supported our local community by providing Thanksgiving baskets and we are adopting families at Christmas to help those who need a little extra help this year. We look forward to building on the success of the DevGivesBack Program in 2024 and offering additional opportunities for our employees to contribute to our community!”


Elizabeth Lewan

Marketing Manager

Dev Technology