Women at Dev Technology

Dev Technology seeks to support women at all levels of their careers, in both technical and non-technical roles. We are proud of our inclusive culture, and have a variety of benefits, programs, and groups to help with both personal and professional development.

Becky Crane
“I love that our Women in Technology at Dev (WITD) group started because a few women were talking at a happy hour about a need we saw, and our CEO at the time immediately said, 'Let's do it.' Dev Technology is about empowering all its employees to raise up ideas and find ways to bring them into being."
Eunhie Kim
Technical Associate
“Being a woman and a part of Dev has been essential for my growth as a technical professional. I'm part of an inclusive and innovative culture that has exposed me to new technologies while working on various government contracts. Working alongside accomplished and generous people means I'm always learning something new and get to do so in an environment that supports my goals."
Lyndsey Hoe
Senior Director of Business Development
“It’s truly remarkable to be part of a leadership team of both women and men who put diversity and inclusion first – it’s the ever-evolving employee and client mission focus that makes us stand out. And I am proud to lead a business development and marketing team made of up entirely of a diverse group of women – it’s a powerhouse!”
Carla Michaels
Contracts Manager
“I love being a part of the Dev team. Being a woman in a technology organization led by a female CEO is truly inspiring. I have found in Dev an inclusive and supporting organization that values their talented employees and it is constantly encouraging personal and professional growth. The collaboration culture at Dev allows us to perform efficiently and create the perfect environment where not only individual employee needs are met, but the Dev team is also able to exceed our customers’ expectations and support our community with multiple events."

Women in Technology at Dev

The Women in Technology at Dev (WITD) community aims to empower women within their teams, Dev Technology, and the technology industry. The community provides a platform for advocacy, networking, technology education, leadership, and career development for women at all levels in both technical and non-technical roles. WITD facilitates a wide range of professional development opportunities to empower and equip women with confidence, resources, and technical and professional skills to achieve their goals and embrace opportunities.

Grace Hopper Celebration

We are attending AnitaB.org's 2022 Grace Hopper Celebration, and attended and sponsored the 2021 Celebration. We were fortunate to be named a 2021 Top Company for Women Technologists. Check out information on presentations from our Chief Executive Officer and VP of Advanced Technical Solutions, and learn more about our prestigious award.

Hear from our Chief Executive Officer about Propelling More Women into the C-Suite
Kendall Holbrook, Dev Technology's CEO, will be presenting at GHC 2022 with Erin Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Ella, and Dr. Rajanique Modeste, Founder and CEO of Vestigia Organizational Strategies. Learn more about their presentation, "How to Propel More Women into the C-Suite"
Hear from our Vice President about Daring to Say YES!
Michelle Scheuerman, Dev Technology's VP, Advanced Technical Solutions, presented at GHC 2021. Learn more about her presentation, "I DARE You to Say YES! - Tips to Successfully Search for Your First IT Job"
2022 Top Companies for Women Technologists
AnitaB.org's Top Companies for Women Technologists is a national benchmarking program that recognizes companies committed to cultivating workplaces where women technologists succeed and grow. Dev Technology was named as the 2021 and the 2022 winner in the small (<1,000) technical workforce size category.

Why We're a Great Company for Women

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
We believe that it takes a diverse set of voices who feel included as part of the company to make us a great place to work. At Dev Technology, we pride ourselves on being not only a great place to work, but a place where everyone is welcomed and included.
Flexible Workplace
Our policies are designed to provide flexibility for you at any stage of your career. We offer remote work opportunities, flexible time off, professional development opportunities, and more. Whether you're starting out or a seasoned professional, we offer benefits to help you manage your work-life balance and support you in your goals.
Mentorship Program
We foster a culture committed to ongoing professional growth and development through our mentorship program, which aims to increase employee engagement, support an innovative work environment, and strengthen our overall organizational culture.

Join our Team and Stay in Touch

Employees regularly describe Dev Technology as a family. People enjoy the company of their coworkers and genuinely care about their well-being, creating a unique environment throughout our offices.