Solution Architecture In AWS With Zach Lawrence

Zach Lawrence, Dev Technology Senior IT System Administrator, joins Adam D’Angelo to talk about a preparing for the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam as well as some of the unique considerations for development in the cloud environment. Zach and Adam discuss the following: * AWS Solution Architect exam prep tips including the importance of understanding the vocabulary, using practice tests to prepare, and the importance of practicing with VPCs * The importance of understanding the formal features of AWS for making tradeoff decisions * How architecting in the cloud changes the way you think about developing a solution—the underlying infrastructure is essential to leveraging the benefits of the cloud * Using different locations for latency tradeoffs * The importance of hands on learning * Selecting cloud native vs cloud agnostic functionality * Security on-prem vs the cloud * Avoiding vendor lock-in Contact John and Adam at with your questions for future episodes. Visit to learn more about Dev Technology.

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