DevCast is a show where our our executives and team members share the inspiration behind our work and technical details of implementing IT systems for the federal government.

DevCast Season 2

Episode 1-IT Culture and Innovation with Adam D’Angelo and Yemi Oshinnaiye: Adam D’Angelo and Yemi Oshinnaiye discuss how culture affects IT innovation, what does professional discipline mean for the IT field, the regulation of information technology, security, privacy, and more.

Episode 2-“Women’s work” – Looking at the History and Future of Women in IT with Michelle Scheuerman and Becky Crane: Michelle Scheuerman, Dev Technology Vice President, and Becky Crane, Dev Technology Program Manager talk about the history and future of women in computer science and information technology, some of their personal experiences, and how we can help encourage and support women in IT.

Episode 3: Are we Cyborgs? Adam and Yemi After Dark: Adam D’Angelo and Yemi Oshinnaiye sample bourbon as they wish Yemi luck in his new position at USCIS and discuss Amazon, Facebook, what happens with your data online, the difference between bourbon and rye, what if everyone knew everything about everyone, are Siri and Alexa spying on you, and are we cyborgs?

DevCast Season 1

Episode 1-The Vision and Inspiration of a Small BusinessCo-Founder, Susie Sylvester, and CEO, Kendall Holbrook, discuss the inspiration and vision behind creating and leading a successful small business in the federal contracting space. 

Episode 2-The Importance of Community: Community is one of Dev Technology’s core values. Susie Sylvester and Kendall Holbrook discuss the importance of supporting our local communities as well as the importance of mentorship.

Episode 3-DevOps and Transforming an Organization’s Approach to Technology: Dev Technology CTO, Yemi Oshinnaiye and Director of Technology, Adam D’Angelo answer the question “What is DevOps?” and what it means to be successful in transforming an organization’s approach to technology.

Episode 4-The Challenges of Technology Procurement and Importance of the User Experience: Dev Technology CTO, Yemi Oshinnaiye and Director of Technology, Adam D’Angelo discuss a wide range of topics including the challenges of technology procurement and the importance of user input when designing systems.

Episode 5- Ask Sam-Your SharePoint Questions Answered: Sam Hale, Dev Technology Project Manger and SharePoint expert, answers your Microsoft and SharePoint questions. We talk about SharePoint migration, using third party tools, the difference between the Office 365 Government Community Cloud and the commercial version of Office 365, preparing for a move to the cloud, and more. If you have a question for Sam, email

Episode 6-Balancing the Risks of Implementing New Technologies in an Organization: Dev Technology CTO, Yemi Oshinnaiye and Director of Technology, Adam D’Angelo talk about making the most of your technology investments by wisely choosing how and when to implement new technologies. We also talk about the importance of security in designing a system as well as the broader view of what does security mean to the organization and how should it be addressed.

Episode 7-It’s been 20 Years: The founding of a Small Business: Dev Technology is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Learn what it was like for both employees and founders in the very first years of establishing this small business. We talk about the motivation and inspiration to start a business, the risks involved in starting a business, how employees felt joining a company of less than 5 people, and where things are today.