John and Adam meet with Josh Powers, Dev Technology’s Technical Director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Josh discusses the importance of a controlled vocabulary and how the government can make AI/ML a

COVID-19 poses many unique challenges to law enforcement agents and officers regarding their safety. Niroop Gonchikar discusses how touchless biometrics could potentially help improve agent and officer safety, and he discusses some of

Adam and John continue to check in with our teams to see how the initial sudden shift to remote work went, and how the adjustment has been over the past month, and what

John and Adam bring on special guest, Dr. Glenn Platt, to discuss gamification in the workplace, and specifically how to make remote work fun through gamification. Dr. Glenn Platt is the Chair of

We are checking in with one of our Project Managers, Terry Sherbondy, to hear about how his team is doing with the move to remote work 100% of the time. Terry’s team is

The end of March marks the end of Women’s History Month, and to finish out the month, we are replaying an episode that we recorded last year about the history and future of

Dev Technology moved to 100% remote work on March 16, with many teams starting prior to that date. Adam and John meet to talk about how teams are adjusting, what has been working,

Zach Lawrence, Dev Technology Senior IT System Administrator, joins Adam D’Angelo to talk about a preparing for the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam as well as some of the unique considerations for development

John Janek and Adam D’Angelo talk with Kurt Lloyd, Dev Technology Principal Engineer, to talk about the intersection of Black History and technology.Contact John and Adam at with your questions for future

Adam D’Angelo and Niroop Gonchikar get together to talk about the technology that drives face recognition, fingerprint readers, and more. Biometrics is enabling our digital lives in incredible ways, and there’s an important