This year, Dev Technology was prepared for a class of six interns as part our Internship Program. But then everything went remote, and we had to adjust. Our Intern Leadership Team was quick

How Effective Discovery Supports a Successful Cloud Migration John and Adam continue their discussion about cloud migration, this time focusing on discovery. Check out the previous episode here. If you are going to

Creating a Strategy to Achieve Quick Wins in your Migration and Learning from those Experiences to Improve your Solution The current pandemic has shown how important remote-first cloud approaches are for an organization.

Using Data Analytics to Improve the User Experience Adam D'Angelo and John Janek are joined by special guest, John Bobosh of IQ solutions. John specializes in using data analytics for improving websites. John

Agile Transformations with Dr. David Bishop John and Adam are joined by special guest, Dr. David Bishop, to talk about agile transformations. Dr. Bishop is the founder of the company Agile Worx and

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning--the Importance of a Controlled Vocabulary John and Adam meet with Josh Powers, Dev Technology’s Technical Director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Josh discusses the importance of a

The Future of Fingerprints and Touchless Biometrics COVID-19 poses many unique challenges to law enforcement agents and officers regarding their safety. Niroop Gonchikar discusses how touchless biometrics could potentially help improve agent and

Team Communication and Effectiveness in a Remote Work Environment with Becky Crane and Michelle Scheuerman Adam D'Angelo and John Janek continue to check in with our teams to see how the initial sudden

Making Remote Work Fun with Gamification John and Adam bring on special guest, Dr. Glenn Platt, to discuss gamification in the workplace, and specifically how to make remote work fun through gamification. Dr.

We are checking in with one of our Project Managers, Terry Sherbondy, to hear about how his team is doing with the move to remote work 100% of the time. Terry’s team is