CBP and Dev Technology recently developed the Federated Person Query and will be demoing this new capability at

In the last decade, we have seen tremendous growth in the biometrics sector. The industry has shifted from

Wednesday was the end of a pretty hectic sprint for a project we are developing, so instead of the

What are Microservices and how is it different than Software Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Microservice architecture dictates that software

What is responsive UI and why do we need it? Because the websites and web applications we develop

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The Dev Technology team was recently presented with a Special Recognition Award from our Department of Homeland Security

Dev Technology is hiring for multiple positions at DHS. Come to our Open House on Friday, January 29th to learn

Dev Technology receives $51 million contract to provide full lifecycle IT support for the TSA Mission Scheduler and

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A software development project split across separate tracks that multiple teams support is a great way to increase

Sanjeev Duggal, Dev Technology Chief Technology Officer, will demonstrate new biometric peripherals and the integration of new technology