So often when talking about agile development, especially in the Federal space, metrics such as velocity are considered

By Day 5, we were getting close to wrapping up development and were focusing on improving the look

We started Day 4 off with a demo of the prototype, similar to a Sprint Review session, and

Jesse came in Friday morning and was clearly enjoying our technology stack and working environment. We picked solid

To create the Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC), we decided to consume the OpenFDA drug recall data with

Dev Technology was eagerly awaiting the request for proposal (RFP) of the General Services Administration's (GSA) new blanket purchase

Dev Technology Group, Inc., a provider of IT services to mission critical clients, is pleased to announce that the

Dev Technology Group, Inc. announced today the opening of its new office space in Washington, D.C., which the

‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’…If you still believe this is possible, call me, I have a bridge to sell

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A previous project I worked on had nearly 1,000 pages of requirements documentation for a web-based system. This