Remote Teams

Team Communication and Effectiveness in a Remote Work Environment with Becky Crane and Michelle Scheuerman

Adam D’Angelo and John Janek continue to check in with our teams to see how the initial sudden shift to remote work went, how the adjustment has been over the past month, and what we can learn from these experiences. In this episode of DevCast, they meet with Becky Crane, Director, and Michelle Scheuerman, Vice President, Advanced Technical Solutions. Topics discussed include:

  • The mental shift to expecting to see people on video calls, and the fun of having family members—and the occasional cat or parrot—drop into your meeting.
  • What will happen when it is time to go back to the office?
  • Adjusting communication strategies to the individual.
  • Social constructs for collisionable communication and the challenges of working that into a remote environment.
  • How the informal environment of video calls creates a different sense of community.

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Guests Featured in this episode

Michelle Scheuerman, Vice President, Advanced Technical Solutions.
Becky Crane, Director