Checking in on a Remote Agile Team

We are checking in with one of our Project Managers, Terry Sherbondy, to hear about how his team is doing with the move to remote work 100% of the time. Terry’s team is experienced with working remotely, but they still have some challenges to consider for moving forward—like onboarding their summer intern and training users on new features.

Terry, John, and Adam discuss:

  • How Terry and the team are adjusting
  • Different tools they are using, such as MS Teams, and how they are taking advantage of some of the features
  • Maintaining open communication with the team and their client
  • The importance of maintaining the team dynamic and ways to accomplish that
  • Preparing for the start of their summer intern including figuring out how to make sure interns have a good learning experience and a positive team engagement in a remote work environment

Guest Featured in this Episode

Terry Sherbondy, Dev Technology Program Manager