Migrating to the AWS GovCloud

When Kevin first heard about his client’s desire to vacate the DHS Data Center and move to the AWS GovCloud, he thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke based on the time frames discussed. But the team succeed in migrating a large suite of mission-critical systems to the target environment in under 9 months.

On this episode of DevCast, Kevin Cruz and Pargat Bajwa discuss their experience and lessons learned from this effort including

  • Working across remote locations;
  • The importance of upfront analysis work and the discovery phase and understanding architecture and interfaces;
  • Making various determinations such as what systems to migrate first and when to replatform vs lift and shift;
  • Learning the new technologies and tools;
  • Modernizing legacy applications to take advantage of the cloud environment;
  • How this migration effort contributed to breaking down silos;
  • Planning complex migrations around operational activities and minimizing downtime; and
  • Key considerations for undertaking a large cloud migration.