40 Under 40 Award

AFCEA Recognizes Adam Rison with 40 Under 40 Award

AFCEA named Adam Rison, Dev Technology Software Engineer, as one of its 40 Under 40 Award Winners. This award is given to 40 individuals ages 40 and under for their significant contributions in a technical science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field by providing innovation, thought leadership, and support to their client or organizations using information technology (IT).

Lyndsey Hoe, Adam Rison, and Brian Fourr at AFCEA TechNet Cyber for the 40 Under 40 Awards

For the past 8 years, Adam has supported a variety of clients, with a focus on mobile Android solutions incorporating biometric technologies. Most recently, Adam has been critical to the development of biometric technology for a system for the Navy. Adam is supporting the design of the Android application for this system, which will be used on Navy vessels to collect biometric information in the field. Adam has also helped to improve biometric transmission standards and improving interoperability between agencies.

“Each project I work on is a pleasure in its own way, especially the Identity Dominance System and the Biometrically Enabled Access Control Husbanding,” stated Adam. “These projects have enabled me to work with new technologies and design patterns that are challenging and often force me outside of my comfort zone. Every day requires approaching problems from new, unorthodox angles. It goes without saying that this work is exciting. Moreover, the team I currently work with is remarkably knowledgeable and dedicated to producing high quality products, which pushes me even harder to meet and exceed expectations. While I am thrilled to receive this award, this team deserves equal praise.”

“Adam is a phenomenal software developer and all-around excellent team member,” stated Michelle Scheuerman, Dev Technology Vice President. “Everyone loves working with Adam. He is always willing to jump in and help a team member or answer a question when his expertise is needed. This active collaboration is directly tied to supporting the team in creating the best possible solution for the Navy. We are lucky to have Adam as part of the Dev Technology Team.”

The Young AFCEA 40 Under 40 Awards were presented at the AFCEA TechNet Cyber on May 15, 2019. View the the full list of winners here.