SharePoint Modernization

What you Need to Consider when Preparing for a SharePoint Modernization

Modernization is more than just moving something to a new version—it is to take advantage of new technology to get a user the information they need in the most efficient way possible.

When modernizing your SharePoint platform, there are many considerations to look at early in the process; and it is important to understand the differences between what is available commercially and for the government when considering a move to the cloud. Dev Technology recently modernized one of our government client’s SharePoint platform from 2010 directly to 2016, and we are currently moving production workloads to SharePoint Online in an Office 365 Government Community Cloud tenant. We share our lessons learned for what you need for a successful migration.

  • The right environment for your agency: The Office 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) has different features than the commercially available instance of Office 365. Our team can help you determine if the GCC is right for your agency. Sam Hale, Dev Technology Project Manager and SharePoint SME, discusses some of these considerations in Episode 5 of DevCast–Dev Technology’s podcast.
  • The right skills: Configuring SharePoint Online is quite different than traditional server versions of SharePoint. Knowing how to leverage these capabilities along with other O365 services when doing a migration is critical to success. Understanding how existing custom solutions need to be refactored or rebuilt to migrate to newer versions of SharePoint is a key component to modernization success.
  • A proven migration plan: Analyzing your existing content, determining the speed of moving data on your network, and knowing how to overcome the many technical hurdles that you will encounter are just a few of the many aspects of planning and implementing a modernization effort. We have vast amounts of PowerShell scripts, console utilities, and documented lessons learned from our client engagements to help with planning and troubleshooting your project.
  • A sound approach to move data: Consider the differences between native upgrades and using third party tools. There are many different ways to complete a SharePoint modernization; our team will help figure out the approach that meets the specific needs of your agency.
  • A governance strategy: What are the policies, procedures, and rules of the new SharePoint environment? Dev Technology can provide a starting point and insight based on our experience at other agencies.

To learn more about the details on each of these topics, come to our Emerging Technologies in the Digital Workplace event on Thursday Dec 6. Our Subject Matter Experts will host kiosk demonstrations and answer questions on topics such as Modernization, Power Apps, User Centered Design, Business Intelligence, and more. Stop by any time between 11:00 and 2:00. View event details and RSVP here.