The Home Stretch – Day 5, Wednesday

By Day 5, we were getting close to wrapping up development and were focusing on improving the look and feel. Michelle and a few other interested parties who got involved had some excellent feedback on usability. Things like centering the title, having a model dialog pop-up instead of loading a new page, and pagination were all ideas that we decided would greatly enhance the user experience. We really tried to keep the interface lightweight and clutter free, and in the end I think the feedback from our users was critical to making sure we didn’t overdesign the UI.

Dev-Technology-Agile-Development-2At this point, it was hard to believe it had been a week already. Our team was really working well together and morale was high. It might be tough to go back to some of the other projects we all have been working on after we finish the 18F prototype since we are all having a lot of fun developing the Drug Recall Information Center. Everyone on the team at one point in time echoed Jesse’s comments from last Friday about enjoying this development process. Being able to pick your own tech stack and configuring the dev/test/prod environments as you wish is a rarity while supporting public sector customers. So often these choices are made for us, so I think this was a refreshing change for most on the team.

On Wednesday we found out that the delivery of the prototype was pushed back to July 1. Our team was generally disappointed as we were confident with the work we had done and did not feel like extra time was necessary. It seems that there were so many questions in response to the RFP that the GSA needed more time to answer them. I suppose some more time to polish things up is never a bad thing. Maybe we can hit some of our stretch goals too.


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