The Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC) – Day 2, Thursday

To create the Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC), we decided to consume the OpenFDA drug recall data with another third party API to pull drug image data to put together a one-stop shop for drug recall information. We decided to build a RESTful service which will be consumed by our mobile-friendly UI. We used many modern open source technologies (e.g., Apache HttpComponents, RESTEasy, JQuery, Bootstrap, Google Gson) and used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the Jenkins build server and other servers. JBoss was our application server of choice for this one. Our DevOps Engineer, Larry Cutlip-Mason, had a busy day ahead of him getting our AWS environment configured and setting up Jenkins, JBoss, and Docker. We used our public GitHub and all our code is licensed as open source, so go check it out.

Image of the Dev 18F Development Challenge TeamWe spent the morning setting up a Kanban board with prioritized tasks. Architecture, UI design using some wireframes, configuration management, and continuous integration and deployment were top priorities before our team could start writing code. With a little over a week to finish the prototype, the light-weight architecture we chose would allow us to develop the code pretty quickly. We tailored our agile approach to be even more light-weight than usual, and we made our feedback loop with our product owner even shorter to make sure we were on the right track.


This post is number 2 in a series of daily posts by Adam D’Angelo about Dev Technology’s 6-day development of the Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC) for the 18F Agile Delivery Services proposal and development challenge. View the entire series here.