Agile in Action – Day 4, Monday

We started Day 4 off with a demo of the prototype, similar to a Sprint Review session, and the general feeling was that we were making solid progress. We obtained some great user feedback and discussed how to modify our UI design to make DRIC more user friendly. Based on this, we made updates to the wireframes, and we had some modifications to improve readability on mobile devices.


On Day 4 we also began tying in the pill images from RXImage and improving the user experience by loading images asynchronously. Some backend changes will be required to better performance, but luckily this shouldn’t be too heavy of a lift.

The short timeframe really pushed us to adapt our baseline agile approach to fit our needs. We went back to the basics and focused on getting our team collaborating early and often, building out a minimum viable product (MVP) by prioritizing features, and working with our product owner and listening to her feedback to get to the end vision.

I suspected that over the course of the week we would be spending a lot of time responding to changes. We made sure to write adequate unit tests using JUnit to cover our backend functionality, especially where we were manipulating or parsing data returned to us from the other APIs.

By the end of the day, the frontend was largely wired up to the backend. We will do another review in the morning of Day 5 and also start to address any section 508 related bugs that we have identified. We hit our mark of getting something to the production server by close of business.


This post is number 4 in a series of daily posts by Adam D’Angelo about Dev Technology’s 6-day development of the Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC) for the 18F Agile Delivery Services proposal and development challenge. View the entire series here.