Multi-Modal Biometrics

Dev Technology offers specialized biometrics capture and integration capabilities based on our real-world experience working with agents, field users, and other personnel for government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security. Our expanding capabilities include multi-modal capture integrated with a variety of manufacturer’s devices.

Image of a fingerprint

Business Challenges:

Agencies face various challenges when implementing biometric technology including:

  • Integration of mission and business processes as well as existing applications
  • Interfacing with other agencies for data sharing and results of submissions
  • Insertion of multi-modal requirements including fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition
  • Keeping pace with frequently changing technology including model changes
  • Following standards such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

How We Can Help: 

As a result of our work with various agencies, Dev Technology has developed an in depth understanding of how agencies use multi-modal biometrics, how agencies apply them to their processes, and the benefits they achieve. We also have first-hand experience integrating devices made by multiple vendors including different types of hardware and software across multiple platforms while conforming to mandated standards. This depth of knowledge enables us to develop innovative solutions that are based on lessons learned and best practices thus providing agencies with reliable and effective biometric capabilities and solutions tailored to their mission specific requirements and processes.

Dev Technology can streamline the process of capturing biometric information and sharing it with target systems, databases, or organizations by developing biometric frameworks that include standards based integration and web services and enable the use of multiple devices for your existing and new applications. Our experience spans multiple agencies and projects including development on the DHS ICE Enforcement and Apprehension Booking System (EABM) and DHS CBP E3 Biometrics Module as well as Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) providing biometric application and database support for their international facility access system (DBIDS).

What You Can Achieve

  • Faster insertion of biometric uses into existing and new applications
  • Increased information sharing and compliance with information sharing standards
  • Faster biometric capture during the actual scanning process
  • Lower cost by reusing frameworks and leveraging lessons learned
  • Extensibility for a variety of government uses

We focus on the end user, ensuring biometric applications improve mission processes


Download our Multi-Modal Biometrics Capability Statement as a PDF.