Data and Database Consulting

With the right data and the ability to get to it at the right time, users have the information they need to meet their mission and business objectives. Dev Technology was founded with this truth in mind; our team possesses deep data and database consulting expertise ranging from data modeling and database development to database administration and performance improvement.

Image of database tablesBusiness Challenges:

Increased focus on information sharing among agencies is forcing a new look at how data is collected, stored, analyzed, used, and managed. Additionally, the pace of change in mission, business procedures, and technology has added challenges for government program and system owners related to managing data and databases. Some of these challenges include maintaining data quality and alignment with changing standards, effectively sharing information across systems and networks, and ensuring security at the data level, not just the database and system level. Effective databases must continually evolve to provide better stability, responsiveness, security, and access.

How We Can Help:

Dev Technology works with agencies to deliver mission-critical services that span the data lifecycle, from requirements determination and data modeling to database development and administration. As the volume of our clients’ mission-critical data increases, our database consultants carefully monitor performance. Based on our findings, we can identify and develop new ways for our client to use and share data. We work to ensure that the existing database architecture maintains its responsiveness, uptime, and stability.

With leading-edge knowledge of Oracle and MS SQL Server database products, we offer a range of powerful, flexible, and cost-effective strategies for maximizing enterprise information availability. What’s more, our partnership with Oracle allows us to provide even greater value by leveraging Oracle’s family of products to handle high-volume, high-availability systems.

What You Can Achieve:

  • Improved data integrity leading to better decision-making
  • More effective database designs and architectures that facilitate information sharing among user groups
  • Increased database performance while maintaining system security
  • Reduced administrative efforts and duplicate data


Download our Data and Database Consulting Capability Statement as a PDF.