Company Culture

TWP-Logos-2014-17-300pxDev Technology is a decentralized company with about 20% of employees located at our corporate office and the rest located on various project sites primarily in the D.C. metro area. A typical day will vary from project to project, but our client-focused approach and commitment to getting the job done is always the same. Our senior management makes it a priority to be responsive to the needs of individuals by matching people to the type of project they are looking for and tailoring positions to best match their strengths and career goals.

Our corporate office has a modern and comfortable design, with enough space and resources to enable our onsite technical staff to work from our developer suite—or to just stop by and visit—whenever they like. To help keep employees connected to the corporate office, we have our own intranet portal, welcome employees working on customer sites to come to the corporate office at any time, maintain a facebook page to help connect employees outside of work, and continuously focus on outreach. We have team lunches, all staff meetings both at corporate and onsite, and a festive annual holiday party and other events to stay in touch and communicate the news of projects and the company. We also offer weekly yoga classes at our corporate office that are open to all employees, participation in community fund raising events, and other team building initiatives. Dev Technology’s culture is best described as relaxed, hard-working, detail-oriented, supportive, flexible, customizable, and collaborative.