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The Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC) – Day 2, Thursday

To create the Drug Recall Information Center (DRIC), we decided to consume the OpenFDA drug recall data with another third party API to pull drug image data to put together a one-stop shop for drug recall information. We decided to build a RESTful service which will be consumed by our mobile-friendly UI. We used many modern …

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18F is out! The Development Challenge Begins – Day 1, Wednesday

Dev Technology was eagerly awaiting the request for proposal (RFP) of the General Services Administration’s (GSA) new blanket purchase agreement for agile development and delivery services. When it was released on June 17, we quickly got to work. What made this effort so exciting, was that instead of writing 20+ pages speaking to a technical and …

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Mobile Application Development: Three Considerations to Save You Time and Money

‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’…If you still believe this is possible, call me, I have a bridge to sell you!  Writing an application once to run on the wide array of popularly used networked platforms today, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops can provide significant challenges.  Here are three considerations to help save you time …

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Applying the Agile Manifesto to your Projects

Agile Development has become a popular methodology to apply to software projects, but to really take advantage of all Agile has to offer, it is helpful to be reminded of the problems the founders of Agile were trying to resolve and how this applies to our projects. The manifesto states the following values: Individuals and interactions …

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MongoDB and Low Friction Web Development – Part II

My first post in this series discussed how development teams and project managers can maximize project success by minimizing project friction. In Part II I will discuss how JavaScript and MongoDB are making web application development better, faster, and cheaper by helping to minimize friction in the Software Development Life Cycle. Client-Side Integration Friction and …

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MongoDB and Low Friction Web Development – Part I

A great military strategist once explained how ‘friction’–the unexpected things that happen in the fog of war–can often cause the best-laid war strategies to flounder (Carl von Clausewitz in ‘Vom Kriege’). Similarly, any decent software engineer knows that friction–in the fog of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)–can also have significant impacts on deployment time …

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