Mentorship Program

Dev Technology fosters a culture committed to ongoing professional growth and development through our mentorship program. This program is open to employees at all levels of their career.

Daniel, Associate Software Developer & Sean, Principal Consultant

Sean and Daniel meet monthly to review what went well, what could be done better, and to set goals. Their meetings help create achievable goals for Daniel and provide him useful guidance to mature as a developer and effective team member.

Joyce, Project Manager & Terry, Project Manager

Joyce desired to improve her communication skills, and Terry was open to hearing her challenges, sharing opinions, and learning from the scenarios. The relationship has helped Joyce apply new solutions to challenges and apply nuanced communication methods.

Ismita, Human Resources Coordinator & Kendall, Vice President of Business Development

Ismita’s 2 years in the Mentorship Program have provided her a unique exposure to business development and government contracting. Kendall also advises Ismita on training opportunities, industry networking, and balancing her interests and commitments.